The prices below include the cost associated with spare parts and labor. 

The prices are indicative for Xiaomi M365 - for other models please contact us!

Change of front inner tube: 35€*
Change of rear inner tube: 30€*
Change of front inner tube + new tire: 50€*
Change of rear inner tube + new tire: 45€*
Change with a solid rubber tire front: 65€*
Change with a solid rubber tire rear: 50€*
Change of wheel hub: 50€*
Change of the front mudguard: 35€*
Change of the rear mudguard : 40€*

Replacement of the dashboard: 40€*
Installation of a dashboard cover: 18€*
Change of front light: 30€*
Change of rear light: 30€*
Change of rear light cable: 25€*

Change of front brake lever: 33€*
Change of rear brake disc: 35€*
Change of brake cable: 45€*
Change of brake pads: 20€*

Complete overhaul: 35€*
Headset adjustment: 10€*

Change of the folding bolt: 20€*
Change of the red cable pads: 9€*
Change of the gas pedal: 35€*
Change of the motherboard: 70€*
Change of the stickers: 9€*
Change of the charger port: 9€*
Change of the front fork: 60€*
Change of the kickstand: 22€*

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